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Dental Insurance Open Enrollment is Just Around

the Corner

By Amy Morgan


In the fall most companies offer their employees the opportunity to change health and dental insurance plans. Called open enrollment, this is the one time annually you can compare offers and make a selection. It’s wise to carefully consider your benefit package. Even if your employer does offer dental coverage, you might be surprised to find it doesn’t include everything you think it does, includes a surprising deductible or maxes out at a certain dollar figure.


You should expect dental coverage to include prevention – two cleanings, X-rays and exam annually – and restorative work – fillings, crowns and extractions. Depending on the needs of your family members, you may want to consider if your plan covers orthodontia.


The professionals at 7to7 Dental & Orthodontics realize that many dental insurances either are too expensive or fail to serve the needs of San Antonio families. That’s why they created an in-house membership plan that meets or beats even the most highly rated insurances, according to the practice’s Director of Marketing Travis DeZuba.


7to7 Dental’s plan offers three levels to fit any family’s budget and needs. Each covers  two cleanings, all X-rays, and exams at no additional cost. Patients can consider which option is best for them. Plans range from $20.99-$49.99/month per person, depending on level of coverage desired. Unlike traditional insurance, family members don’t all have to choose the same tier, and discounts accrue when multiple family members enroll. The Platinum plan includes a 10% discount on orthodontics, a savings that virtually covers the cost of the year’s routine dental care if someone needs braces or Invisalign. Monthly payment in digestible amounts simplifies budgeting.

There’s no red tape associated with 7to7 Dental’s plans and no deductibles. Many traditional coverages are now requiring deductibles for cleanings, Travis said, and annual totals max out quickly, leaving a patient waiting until the next year to complete needed dental work should they break a crown or need multiple fillings. 7to7 Dental’s plans require no waiting period and never max out, so you won’t have to delay treatment and risk potential damaging consequences to your oral health.


Individuals, families and businesses can all benefit from 7to7 Dental’s membership coverage. Small businesses can sign up for their employees to receive an extra 10% discount as part of their group package. 7to7 Dental created this option to support local businesses and offer an attractive incentive to help them retain current employees and attract new ones. If you are responsible for selecting coverage for your employees, contact to see how their plans might fit your company.


If, after consideration, you feel your employer subsidized options suit your needs, make sure you select a plan that’s a PPO. 7to7 Dental’s experienced team will help patients maximize every dollar of their hard-earned benefits to ensure they pay the lowest out-of-pocket amount possible.


Since 7to7 Dental first opened its doors in San Antonio 15 years ago, their mission has been to provide dental care during days and times that are convenient to the patient, not the doctor. That’s why 7to7 Dental offices are open from 7 a.m.- 7 p.m., seven days a week, for dentistry for the whole family and emergencies.


This progressive approach to care started with four employees at one office. Since then, 7to7 Dental has grown to include 300 team members across nine locations in San Antonio. Still locally owned and operated by North Central San Antonio residents Justin Coke and Dr. Tiffany Winburn, the friendly neighborhood dentist is here to stay. Come see why 7to7 Dental is a better kind of dental practice for the whole family.

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