Diamond Dancer

Ronald Reagan Senior Student Ready for the Season

By Amy Morgan


School’s back in session, and the fall sports seasons are in full swing. How good does it feel to return to normal?! Ronald Reagan senior student Isabella Calvo was one who couldn’t wait for school to start, because fall means football games and the chance to perform as part of Reagan’s varsity Diamond Dancers team.

While all of Reagan’s spirit squads appear on the field during games, the Diamond Dancers are known for their Rockettes-style kick line and jump split execution that rival the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. The girls have been training and attending overnight camps this summer to prepare. Because Isabella is the team’s co-president, she attended an additional camp to learn the leadership skills she’ll use as she plans the team’s social gatherings. A highlight last year was their party themed after the Wizard of Oz to introduce “Big and Little” sisters.  The upperclassmen chose an outfit for their “little” younger team member. A match would reveal the pair. Events like this foster the bonds of sisterhood that Isabella counted as one of the best things about being part of the dance squad. “We’re like a family,” she said.


Another benefit as a Diamond Dancer, the opportunity to compete at Disneyworld in the spring. Last year the girls finished ninth in the nation in the Kick category, which earned them a spot to dance in front of the Disney Castle in the ESPN center. “That feeling was so amazing,” Isabella enthused. Dancing in Florida brings Isabella back to the state where she was born and first began taking dance lessons at the age of five. Her parents immigrated from Columbia as young adults and met through family connections. Many of her relatives still live in Miami. Isabella and her sister, Nathalie (a RHS 2019 graduate) remain fluent in Spanish. “I’m very grateful my parents taught me,” she said.


While schoolwork and Diamond Dancers don’t leave much time for other pursuits, Isabella is active in the Holy Trinity parish as well as National Honor Society. She’s enjoyed playing Bingo with the residents at Independence Hill Retirement Community to fulfill service hours and connected with a woman who shared her life experiences as they took a walk together. Isabella shares a passion for interior design with her mother, who majored in architecture and interior design in college. Isabella hopes to follow her mother’s footsteps.


“My mom and I love to rearrange things in the house,” she said. Reagan’s architecture class provided inspiration as Isabella learned how to complete computer-based projects using a sketching app. Friends and family members know they can count on Isabella for help if they are moving or redecorating, unless, of course, she’s out on the field performing.

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