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Safeguard your Smile

Wear a Mouthguard When Playing Contact Sports

By Amy Morgan


Kansas City Chief’s star quarterback Patrick Mahomes chews on his between plays. Golden State Warrior Steph Curry believes he shoots free throws better when he’s chomping on his. Others prefer a plain piece of plastic matching their team’s colors. Whether trademarked or understated, mouthguards are a wise investment for any athlete playing a contact sport. Mouthguards will protect their smile and reduce the likelihood of painful and expensive dental restoration.


Something you probably know but have not really thought about — your teeth are part of your skull. If a tooth sustains a direct impact, it could break or be knocked out. Not only is this painful — because your teeth are surrounded by sensitive nerves — permanent teeth do not grow back.  Fixing or replacing broken teeth can be a very involved and expensive and require multiple procedures. You could also break the bones of your jaw.

Another risk of tooth injury is displacement. If the line of your teeth is compromised, the treatment is surgery. Mouthguards protect the teeth and jaw from strong impact because they distribute the force of the impact uniformly along its structure and keep your teeth in position.


Have you ever accidentally bitten your tongue while chewing? Remember how painful that was? Think about how much it would hurt if you fell or were hit and trapped your lips or tongue between your teeth. You could actually bite a piece off! Not only would the injury be extremely painful, it would leave a facial scar. And if you lose a piece of tongue, it could impair speech forever. Reason enough to invest in a mouthguard!


The professionals at 7to7 Dental & Orthodontics, conveniently located at the corner of Stone Oak Parkway and Evans Road, can make customized mouthguards to up your “wow factor,” even including your school logo to show your team spirit, and fit your personal mouth anatomy so the guard can become an essential part of your game equipment. The American Dental Association considers custom-made mouthguards the most protective option.


According to Travis DeZuba, 7to7 Dental’s Marketing Director, custom mouthguards made in a dental office use thermoplastic material that is much more durable than the generic plastic found in store-bought mouthguards. Another benefit is the fit. Mouthguards made in a dental office use thermoforming techniques from the patient’s unique mouth impressions. With the professionals at 7to7 Dental forming the mouthguards, athletes (and their parents) can rest assured the fit is spot-on and their investment in their athlete’s smile is protected. In contrast, you basically "boil & bite" the others, which can leave room for many errors, he added.


Mouthguards can be made to accommodate braces, and many include a dental warranty if something happens to the wearer’s teeth. Once you’ve selected your mouthguard, don’t forget to take care of it. Clean it every time you wear it to make sure it’s not carrying bacteria. Keep your smile safe. Invest in a mouthguard today, and don’t step on the field without it!


The professionals at 7to7 Dental & Orthodontics care about your oral health and are available 7 a.m.- 7 p.m., seven days a week, for dentistry for the whole family and emergencies. 7to7 Dental is a local business, grown in 14 years from the practice of one dentist and six staff. Co-Owners Tiffany Winburn, D.M.D, and Justin Coke and many of the 250 staff members live in Stone Oak with their families and are part of the community.

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