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Dynamic Duo

Wonder Twins Power Rattler Women’s Track Team

By Amy Morgan


British business magnate Richard Branson once wrote, “Sometimes miracles come in pairs,” in reference to twins. His words could not more accurately describe Ronald Reagan High School seniors Mackenzie and Isabella Dagrosa and their impact on Rattler track.


The Dagrosa twins helped Reagan’s 4x400M relay team set a school record and finish sixth at the Texas state meet as juniors last spring. Not only did Isabella and Mackenzie respectively kick-off and anchor the relay, they competed, and medaled, in additional individual events. Isabella set a city record for her time in the grueling 300M hurdles and earned a second-place state medal. She also ran the 100M hurdles and competed in long jump. Mackenzie placed third in state in the high jump as well as competed in the open 400M.

Both Isabella and Mackenzie agree participating at the state track meet was a highlight of their years at Reagan. They especially enjoyed the close relationship they shared with fellow teammates with whom they’ve run the relay for the past two years. “We’ve had a lot of accomplishments on everyone’s part, and we got our goal – breaking the school record,” Isabella said. A new line-up will form, as the second leg runner graduated and passed her baton to the freshman alternate “It’s bittersweet,” Mackenzie said. “She a very good friend.”


Both girls started track in 7th grade at Bush, where Mackenzie broke the school’s high jump record her first year. Isabella gravitated toward Brazilian Jujitsu, which she said has helped her gain confidence. The fraternal twins won’t fool anyone with Parent-Trap style shenanigans. Their appearance favors as sisters, but Mackenzie’s stature at almost six feet leaves no doubt who’s who.


The girls started school in Germany where their father, an Emergency Medicine physician with the U.S. Air Force, was stationed. They mentioned the appeal of the hands-on style of the German elementary school that differs from that in America, as it allowed more time for outdoor play. “Schooling was less exams and more teaching by example,” Mackenzie said. When they first moved to Stone Oak in the third grade, the girls were amazed by the plethora of America’s fast-food restaurants. They’ve parleyed their understanding of the German language to master German AP class and contribute to Reagan’s German club, helping add authenticity to festivals that incorporate Germany’s food and culture.


The Dagrosas participate in Reagan’s National Honor Society, where Isabella has taken the lead as the head of the community service committee. She hopes to make Reagan more welcoming and friendly. They enjoyed clearing a walking path at Stone Oak Presbyterian Church as part of an NHS community service project and credit their parents for instilling their desire to give back. Mackenzie hopes to follow their father’s footsteps into medicine, while Isabella is interested in international law. They wouldn’t mind ending up at the same college, but that outcome is not set in stone. The girls describe themselves as similar but different. (For instance, Mackenzie’s a “amazing baker,” and Isabella “can’t boil water,” she said.) But they agree in the way they’ll move forward over every obstacle – whether it’s Mackenzie’s high jump bar or Isabella’s hurdle.

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