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Charity Provides Emergency Relief, Supplies to Ukrainian People and Pets

By Camp Bow Wow


We all watched in horror when Russia invaded Ukraine. News reports show people walking or waiting at train stations with all their worldly possessions in a suitcase, often carrying their cherished pets.


What if the unthinkable happened and you were forced to decide whether to flee with your furry family member or try to find a safe place to leave your precious pup? It’s heartbreaking to even contemplate!  Unfortunately, that harsh scenario has become reality in Ukraine. More than 11 million people are believed to have fled their homes since the conflict began, according to the United Nations, with 5.1 million leaving the country entirely.

Organizations with connections in the region are helping. Greater Good Charities has a team on the ground responding to the immediate needs of Ukrainian people and pets, according to the organization. For those who leave, “the journey is daunting with many Ukrainian families and their pets traveling for days without food,” the website reported. Greater Good Charities have been able to support people and pet evacuations from Chernihiv and northern Kyiv regions and work thorough partners in Poland like Fundacja Kooperacja to distribute nourishing meals at border crossings and lease warehouse space.


For those who remain, the charity has been providing food and supplies at shelters and camps inside Ukraine. “Unfortunately, many civilians who escaped had to leave their beloved pets behind. Those surviving pets end up in overpopulated shelters, unable to receive the care they need,” according to Greater Good. The organization has arranged for additional sheltering for pets outside the region until they can be reunited with their families. They’ve also activated their pet foster software for rescue groups to help provide temporary homes for displaced pets.

Greater Good Charities sent Centaurus Foundation a grant to provide fuel for convoys, building materials for additional and enhanced enclosures, and veterinary supplies to help the refugee pets in their care, they posted. As of late-April, “Centaurus Foundation’s main facility in Szczedrzykowice was currently holding 200 animals in quarantine, with another 100 on the way from other shelters.” In another facility in Medyka, there was no running water and no grid electricity to run lights, heaters and medical refrigerators.


Greater Good established a distribution network to move large quantities of pet food directly to the people and pets who need it. Board Member Dr. Julie Ryan Johnson, DVM (Associate Director of Shelter Programs for Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.), was on the ground providing veterinary care for pets crossing the border into Poland from Ukraine.

Other partners include U-Hearts and The Animal Rescue Site, which purchased truckloads of emergency food to send to shelters caring for pets within Ukraine and distribution centers in neighboring countries helping refugees with pets. As of April 22, the first batch of 1.5 million pet meals funded by generous donors headed into Ukraine, according to the organization.

Information about the activities of Greater Good Charities came from Find updates, ways to help, pictures and videos on their website.

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