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Think Pink

By Amy Morgan


Think Pink this October! Schedule your dental cleanings this fall while you help 7to7 Dental & Orthodontics support a good cause. Every year the practice has fun fundraising for the American Cancer Society. The office celebrates The Power of Pink with decorations, balloons, scrubs, gloves and lighting in various shades of the hue to raise awareness and encourage donations. All told, 7to7 Dental has given more than $14,000 with hopes to raise another $7,000 this year.

Travis Dezuba, 7to7 Dental’s Director of Marketing, serves as an ambassador for the San Antonio Branch of the American Cancer Society. You never know what he’ll plan to encourage giving. Patients who participate have been eligible to win a pink Yeti cooler, Spurs tickets, chair massages, and pink tumblers. Donations from staff earn them a chance to throw pink balloons filled with pink paint at the practice’s management team. A lucky employee once used a high-powered balloon launcher to “paint” Travis pink. One year, 7to7 Dental founder and CEO Justin Coke personally visited each office dressed in a pink wig and tutu as a reward for a $1500 fundraising week!


The buzz in the office energizes patients and staff alike to join in the project. Come in to keep on track to use every bit of the dental insurance benefits you’ve paid for. If you don’t have a dental plan because you might have missed an employer’s enrollment period or started a new job, you can sign up for one of 7to7 Dental’s membership plans and be treated immediately.  See the membership options on the opposite page and support Travis in helping to end Breast Cancer.

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