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Dressed-up Dogs

Pup Parents Can’t Resist Costuming their Canines


We just wrapped up October, but Halloween isn’t the only time proud pet parents dress up their dogs. Christmas, Fiesta, pooch parade or even game day all provide opportunity to outfit a furry family member. Check out the photos of Camp Bow Wow campers and friends posing in their finery.


Amber T., Camp Bow Wow pup parents says, “Dressing up my dogs has become a recent favorite hobby of mine, because I see my three boys as my own kids. As someone who is unable to have children, I feel like I should be able to have the same experiences as someone who does have children when it comes to stuff like dressing them up in silly costumes or feeding them their favorite snacks. It's something I enjoy doing and plan on continuing for years to come!”


Sometimes a pup can cast the deciding vote in a house divided football contest, as was the case with Lilly when the Green Bay Packers faced off against the Minnesota Vikings.


Yvette likes to outfit her Yorkies for sunny-day drives in her convertible with the top down.


Brittany loves dressing Bane up in costumes and participating in photo shoots with Camp Bow Wow. "The only child I have is Bane, and I like partaking in events like this."


Layla and Levi’s pup parent is Stephanie. “Layla and Levi are my children, and I have so much fun dressing them up every year. I even think they love it too!”


Whatever the occasion – a costumed canine can’t help but generating a smile.

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