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Compassionate Coordinator

Concierge Medical Coordination Services Help Patients Navigate Health Care System

By Amy Morgan


Navigating the world of health care can be so confusing and difficult, especially if someone is diagnosed with a serious condition.


Add in a language or cultural barrier for one new to the San Antonio area, and a person might languish for weeks, even months, without securing a critical appointment with the right provider. 


Help is available. Andres Ibarra is a medical doctor from Mexico who’s had extensive experience coordinating medical care in the United States for the past 23 years. Dr. Ibarra trained at the University of Monterrey, then completed his internship in San Antonio and became certified in medical information, coordination and logistics in New York. Dr. Ibarra works with Salveo Direct Care as Chief Coordination Officer to facilitate medical service logistics. 


“We are the GPS for the very complicated health system,” Dr. Ibarra said. “We communicate with a vast network of specialty doctors who know and like what we do.” 


Suppose a patient needs to see a cardiologist. Even a local appointment often is difficult to obtain in a timely manner. Because of his expertise, Dr. Ibarra will know the best specialist to recommend. He’ll reach out to the doctor directly and get his patient seen much sooner. He can even attend the appointment with the patient to interpret the medical terminology and advocate for best care. “I’ll ask the questions they wouldn’t think to ask,” he said. 

He also helps if a patient has a complicated diagnosis that might benefit from an out-of-town opinion. He’ll gather the data and present it to the specialist — once again smoothing the way to gain access and more prompt, effective treatment.


He's helped patients diagnosed with cancer coordinate referrals to surgeons, radiation therapists and oncologists. Dr. Ibarra puts together a team, advocates for the patient, schedules appointments and speeds along the test results. 


“We know our way around the medical system,” he said. Patients have peace of mind their care will not be delayed or denied due to lack of knowledge. “We become that middle person to make the visit less aggressive for the patient,” Dr. Ibarra said. “We try to comfort them and interact with a specialist who might not have the best bedside manner. We become like family.” 


Salveo Direct Care partnered with Dr. Ibarra almost five years ago due to his expertise working with international patients and those needing help navigating tricky health care situations. He also coordinates the practice’s Outlive Health Experiences. Patients can consult with him and pay a direct fee for help with a specific problem, or they can retain him to serve as their comprehensive advocate. 


The collaboration is just another example of how Salveo Direct Care’s physicians, Dr. Monica and Dr. Prisiliano Salas, prioritize the personal needs of their patients. The two are board certified in both Primary Care Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine to address patient health holistically.  Lifestyle Medicine promotes choices to prevent, manage and even reverse chronic disease and increase healthy longevity by addressing six areas that are important to a whole person: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, positive social connectedness and eliminating toxic substances. 


“My service provides peace of mind and assurance,” Dr. Ibarra said. “How much do you spend on a cup of designer coffee, curbside grocery shopping or Uber Eats? We pay for convenience for just about everything. How much more important is your health, and especially when you have a serious condition or situation where you don’t know where to turn.”

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