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Gift Giving

Picking the Perfect Present for Your Pup

By Camp Bow Wow



he old adage still rings true – it’s more blessed to give than to receive. How fun it is to play Santa, and especially for our furry family members, who’ll respond to our efforts with wholehearted joy! You are not alone. Just type “best presents for dogs” into any search engine, and you’ll be bombarded with thousands of selections.  


Just like you would for the humans in your life, making the right choice for your pup comes down to matching his personality to the item. 



Replace that worn blanket with a cuddly new one – you can match your décor or select a dog-theme print to designate it as Fido’s own. 

Your pup may share your covers, but others like to lounge in solitary luxury. Dog beds are available in every size, color and fabric – from firm to fluffy. 


Help a new puppy adjust and reduce loneliness with a stuffed dog that incorporates a battery operated, real-feel pulsing heartbeat and warmer. Your new family member can cuddle against it as if it were a littermate. (Just be careful to make sure your little one isn’t able to remove or chew on any loose interior parts that could become hazardous.)


Busy body:

Have a pup who ends up on the naughty list when he’s bored? Try a puzzle toy that keeps him busy by encouraging him to discover hidden treats inside. You can even stock it with pumpkin, sweet potato or 

turkey flavored snacks to help him enjoy the flavors 

of the season. 


Several manufacturers now offer dog balls that move on their own, allowing your pup to play fetch with himself when you aren’t around to throw. Motion activated sensors signal the ball to move as Fido approaches and help him stay active and exercised. Best of all, it will 

roll out from under the coach on its own rather than 

stay stuck.



Likewise, some pups just love to chew and tear, an instinctive reflex after all. Although the web is full of holiday-themed stuffed toys, easy-to-destroy plush may last just a few minutes. Look for items designed for heavy chewers that incorporate double stitched seams and alternative fillings or a non-fabric, durable material. Kong is a perennial favorite as its interior is ideal for filling with peanut butter. Sturdy knotted dental ropes encourage endless games of tug – you can even choose one in red and green to match your holiday decorations! 



Does your pup enjoy trips to the park? A doggy backpack or wagon will help senior or short-legged pups keep up with the rest of the pack on longer treks. 


Frisbees and flying saucers entertain active canines that love to dive off a dock or sprint through the yard. Another to throw is the Fetch Toy, made of washable natural material. Its unusual shape gives it an erratic bounce, and it floats. 


Pay it Forward: 

When you’re shopping for your furry family member, consider buying a second item to donate to a pet rescue or shelter for a pup in need. Many organizations have wish lists, or you can also make a monetary donation in your pup’s name. Happiness for your pup and help for another — a great way to share the holiday spirit! 

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