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Top-Tier Twins

Sorensen Brothers Excel in Scholastics and Service

By Amy Morgan


It takes no small effort to be ranked at the top of the class at extremely competitive Johnson High School. The Sorensen twins hold both the number one and two spots, with Ian nudging brother Chris out of first place by a hair so small, the two aren’t exactly sure what differentiated their GPAs – maybe one A- rather than an A on a paper or project freshman year. They also scored the same 1570/1600 on their SATs. Ian is a National Merit Semifinalist, and Chris was rated Commended by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.


Although the two are identical and share similar interests, they are not difficult to tell apart. Chris is the more outgoing, while Ian prefers individual study. Their ability to self-motivate proved helpful, as they studied math on their own through most of middle and high school to be eligible to take AP Calculus BC at Johnson, a class Chris described as fun!

The Sorensens enjoyed serving as PALS at JHS junior year, remembering their time spent one-on-one with elementary schoolers and the ALE bowling and basketball tournaments as most rewarding. They stepped back as seniors to be part of the career prep class, which allows them to leave campus early to work tutoring math. Chris enjoys explaining the subject to struggling students at Mathnasium in a way they will understand. Ian works there also to “bring a level

of joy and excitement to math.”

Not surprisingly, both Sorensens enjoy math and computer science. They plan to attend Brigham Young University to study computer science with hopes of careers developing artificial intelligence. Chris described the idea of teaching a computer how to learn “the purest form of problem solving,” and looks forward to AI’s future opportunities. The boys put their computer skills to good use in 2019 when their family opened the Texas Cookie Shop. Chris designed the website, and Ian launched the app. Both were happy to taste-test the recipes and set up the store’s Stone Oak location. Since then, Ian has programmed multiple apps, his most profitable a virtual garage sale accessed through various app stores.

Musically talented, the brothers use the LogiPro app to create tracks of music they upload to Apple Music and Spotify. They sing and taught themselves to play the guitar, piano and drums. Both participated in JHS’s varsity choir through sophomore year, with Ian advancing as one of the top 15 Basses in the region. Although their school schedule precluded their continuing formally at JHS, they sing as part of their congregational choir at their Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Church. The twins also are active in the congregation – they co-lead more than 300 youth in the Hill Country area, and Chris mentors younger students and organizes service projects.


The brothers have found time to serve as National Honor Society officers – Ian as President with Chris his VP. They lead the meetings, coordinate the volunteer calendar and account for dues and hours. Chris reinstated a program to restock the JHS nurse’s supply of ice bags, and they honored firefighters on 9/11.


With bright futures ahead and a legacy of service and success at JHS, Chris and Ian’s only pressing concern – which of their favorite teachers to select for their Summa celebrations this spring.

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