The Benefits of Sealing Cracks in Concrete

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Sealing the cracks in your concrete can help you and your concrete driveway in many ways.

Aesthetically, sealing the cracks in the concrete will help prevent dirt and weeds from growing in between them. The sealing compound also comes in different colors to match the concrete.

Do You Have Exposed Aggregate Concrete That Looks Dull?

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Exposed aggregate concrete does not have to look dull. Sealing the aggregate will brighten the different colored aggregate and will give a nice wet look that is not slippery. The sealer also helps lock in the aggregate and prevents them from breaking loose from the concrete. It is a great option for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool decks.


Check out this pool deck we sealed here.


Do You Know The Benefits Of Sealing Your Concrete?

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There are many types of concrete sealers and all of them have different purposes. Here is a brief description of the two most common types of sealers we use for protecting exterior concrete.


Penetrating Siloxane Sealer

Fall Frame Showcase

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We are welcoming the cooler air to Stone Oak with a Fall Frame Showcase.  We will be featuring Vera Wang, Lilly Pulitzer, Thalia, among others.  There will be snacks, door prizes and fabulous deals on all of our frame lines.  The event is Tuesday, October 23 from 9am to 6 pm.

This coincides with Dr. Capelle's one-year anniversary with our practice. After over 20 years in Ohio, he finally saw the light and came to Texas.  Help us welcome his honorary Texan status!

2012-09-23 The Sunflower (a Van Gogh Painting)

paint palooza

Today's 3:30P session ended with a young artist (6 yrs old) who painting the Van Gogh Sunflower on a 16" x 20" canvas with no reservation and in just over 2 hours. She was absolutetly adorable.

Watch out San Antonio Artists, you've got a rising star coming!!! 

Take a peek at her painting:!/PaintPalooza 

What predicts the severity of a bad allergy season?

Dr. Patricia Gomez-Dinger

The severity of allergy seasons can vary largely depending on four weather-related factors.
 Here are some of the conditions that can affect pollen counts.
1. Erratic weather.  A warmer than usual winter season, makes trees pollinate earlier. If spring weather fluctuates greatly between warm and cold spells, it can result in more intense periods of pollen release during the warm spells.

So you think you know Vodka??

Ian Rettie

First question – where is vodka made? The most common answer - ‘Russia’.

Cranberries are e-coli warriors!

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It’s all over the news these days,  cranberries have been proven to reduce urinary tract infections (UTIs).  We moms, and nurses having been telling people for years to drink cranberry juice at the first twinges of a UTI.  I guess as women, who tend to suffer more from UTI’s then men, we really didn’t need to wait for scientific research to confirm what we already knew.  Cranberry juice simply made our bladders and urethras feel so much better.

Can your car be hacked?

Dean Bentle

From spark plugs to air bags, more and more of your car's functions are being controlled by computers. But does that mean your vehicle is vulnerable to a cyberattack?

You might be behind the wheel, but increasingly, computers control your car’s every function.

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