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PET TIP: Pup Pleasers

Ten Holiday Gifts to Help Fido Beat Boredom

One way we show our affection and care is by giving gifts. Don’t forget your furry family member this holiday season. Fido’s been by your side through thick and thin. But with in-person activities returning, our pets may feel a little lonely. What better time to take advantage of the holiday deals and splurge on double duty items that demonstrate love and keep your pup occupied while you are out?

Jenny Hollander wrote on that most of the items on this list passed the test of the best for both she and her pup. Find them on Amazon or through 1) Wickedbone Smart Bone – an interactive dog toy that plays with your pup when you can’t. The smart robot toy “jumps away when your pup chases” and “teases” Fido when he stops playing. $69.99. 2) Dual Layer Bone by Playology. Although they look and feel like a normal toy, dog-pleasing scents like cheese, peanut butter, beef or chicken are embedded in the fiber of the toy to entice your pup to keep chewing. $16.98. 3) Furbo Dog Camera – The HD camera perched on a treat reservoir tower allows you to keep an eye on your pup while you are away and remotely reward him by shooting out goodies from afar. $168.00. 4) Wild One by Bolt Bite is another treat-loadable bone, with a twist. Billed as “the ultimate chew toy for dogs,” the ends are hollow, so you can stuff it with treats. The middle is reinforced with rubber, so it is virtually indestructible. BPA free and dishwasher friendly. $12.99. 5) Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy looks like a cute and cuddly companion for your lonely pup, but it mimics the comfort of a real cuddle because it warms to touch and includes a heartbeat. $39.95. 6) Doggie Pal Crab Interactive Toy almost defies description. The toy looks like a red stuffed animal crab, complete with furry mohawk and claw mittens. Switch it on, and it will squeal and jump around when Fido tries to pounce. Jenny swore it became her pup’s BFF. $16.95. 7) The treat toy from will make crate time more enjoyable for your pup. It attaches through the wires like a giant rubber popsicle pacifier. You can stuff it with treats, freeze it, or fill it with peanut butter to keep Fido happy when you are away. $32.00. 8) Food Network suggests an Interactive Nosework Feeding Mat. Your pup will be so proud to follow his nose to find the prize of treats at the end. Machine washable, so cleanup is easy. $30.99. 9) The turquoise dragon goDogDragon squeaker toy is made with Chew-Guard technology so even the most persistent pup will have a hard time tearing it apart. Soft fleece and floppy feel make it irresistible. $13.59. 10) Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toy by Outward Hound Dog was created by longtime dog puzzle maker Nina Ottosson. The food-safe toy boasts three treat-hiding compartments with different access keys to provide hours of enjoyment. $14.32.

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