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COVER: The Best Nest

North Central Baptist Hospital Enlarges, Renovates Women’s Center

By Amy Morgan

All the rooms, whether labor and delivery, C-section or postpartum, are sizable and private, outfitted with luxury linens and comfortable furnishings on which a support person and mom can rest. The boutique experience includes a post-delivery candlelit couple’s meal and massage for mom. The Nest offers the option for photography and video to discreetly capture the intimate moments and/or take pictures of the newborn.

“This creates really special memories,” Bill said, “and allows the family members to enjoy the delivery and not worry about trying to take a selfie.”

Babies don’t stop arriving just because their Nest is being renovated. “There’s no wiggle room for cleanliness and safety,” Rachel said. Rooms will be refurbished four at a time, with a planned completion date of early summer 2022.

“You won’t see a ‘Pardon Our Dust’ sign,” Bill said, because there will be no patient disruption. When the project finishes, labor and delivery will expand its 16 rooms to 22, and antepartum will increase its 6 rooms to 10, allowing more space to accommodate those with high-risk pregnancies. Five operating rooms will be dedicated to women’s surgery, allowing physicians flexibility to schedule C-sections as well as accommodate emergencies. The additional rooms also allow for gynecological surgery in space not shared by other types of cases.

Another addition, state-of-the-art surgical Xi robots will conduct minimally invasive surgery for hysterectomy or gynecological cancer, providing better patient outcomes and shorter recovery.

Great Expectations concierge dedicated labor and delivery patient navigators are unique to the Nest. These trained professionals are available to answer any questions and ensure the entire pregnancy and delivery experience runs smoothly.

Navigators schedule “time to sit down with parents in a nice warm setting to talk about needs,” Dr. Graham said. Patient navigators can refer expectant moms to an OB/Gyn doctor or pediatrician, set up daddy day camps, breastfeeding support, or handle situations like adoption or surrogacy. “The staff at NCB make it a point to go above and beyond to provide individualized care to help each patient achieve their ideal birth experience, whatever that may be,” Dr. Cuen echoed.

If the pregnancy is high-risk or might involve a challenging situation, the navigator will schedule a joint consultation with the right maternal and fetal physician specialists to coordinate a birth plan.

“We anticipate any problems, plan and mitigate so mom and baby have the best chance for a great experience,” Bill said.

If you are pregnant or considering adding a new family member, find out more about the Nest’s amenities, care and services, located right in your neighborhood. Visit to set an appointment with the navigator or take a tour.

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