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Peak Physical

In-Depth Exam Answers Health Questions

By Amy Morgan


Everybody’s setting health goals for the new year. Worried a hereditary medical condition might be lurking in your future? Need a baseline so you can track improvements?

Husband and wife team Dr. Prisiliano and Dr. Monica Salas trained in both primary care and lifestyle medicine and created their practice, Salveo Direct Care, to help their patients reach their optimum health. Lifestyle Medicine addresses six areas that are important to a whole person: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, eliminating toxic substances and positive social connectedness.

While Dr. Salas conducts a thorough physical annually for every patient, those interested in learning even more about their wellbeing can schedule a day-long Outlive Health Experience to help individuals achieve peak performance. Busy people appreciate the ability to generate a very detailed health report from one visit.

Dr. Salas’ lifestyle review includes a 3D body scan and body composition analysis, but a Outlive Health Experience ramps up the amount of testing to provide extensive information based on a person’s unique biochemistry and metabolic data.

After the doctor documents a detailed exercise history, patients undergo a VO2 max challenge to determine aerobic/anaerobic fitness and a complete mobility and strength test to assess range of motion. They employ a specialized device called a dynamometer to measure exertion force ability head to toe and across the midline. Mobility is important because people with poor balance are prone to falls and injury, Dr. Prisiliano said. The Outlive Health Experience includes a cardiac stress test to determine heart health and identify any areas of concern.


“This robust exam measures the heart’s electrical activity while exercising to see if there are any deficiencies in blood flow to different parts of the heart and illuminate potential coronary artery disease or heart muscle/valve problems,” Dr. Prisiliano said. Results allow the doctors to create a customized fitness plan.


In addition to discussing nutrition, eating habits and caffeine and alcohol consumption, Dr. Salas will conduct a food sensitivity blood test that looks for 180 different inflammatory markers.


“Patients may not know they are overconsuming something that causes inflammation in their bodies, resulting in fatigue or gastrointestinal symptoms,” he said. The doctors can develop an elimination protocol to reveal and reduce inflammatory foods.

Dr. Prisiliano remembers a patient who diligently ate oatmeal for breakfast daily believing it was healthy for his heart, even though he habitually felt slightly nauseous afterward. A sensitivity test revealed the patient had an oat intolerance!

“The quantitative data also will reveal biochemicals that can point us in the direction of micronutrient excess or deficiencies,” Dr. Prisiliano said. The doctors will develop

a protocol of customized supplementation, along with a

plant-based, whole food diet to give the body what the

tests reveal it actually needs.

You may feel worn down from the holiday season. The

Outlive Health Experience includes time in the tranquility

suite to lower stress. The doctors will check cortisol

levels in the saliva throughout the day to monitor adrenal

gland function. Coaches demonstrate yoga routines and

are available for emotional support. Both doctors teach

breathwork and guided mediation as coping skills and as

a pathway to restorative sleep. Mental wellness is one of

the most important things to a healthy life, Dr. Prisiliano


Three Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Health

  1. Set a SMART goal for your health for the month (and one for each month that follows, if possible!) Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound

  2. Take 5 minutes per day to focus on meditation or breathwork to help manage stress.

  3. Find ways to connect with a friend every week whether through a text, phone call or a coffee date.

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