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Maternity Makeover

The Nest Women’s Services at North Central Baptist Completes Renovations – Aesthetics Match Quality

By Amy Morgan


The Nest, North Central Baptist Women’s Services located at 520 Madison Oak Drive, recently completed renovation and major expansion of its OB/GYN wing, making it more appealing and modern. Six spacious rooms were added to 16 that were completely refurbished – imagine a star from a popular home redecorating show waving their magic wand to redo the maternity area. “Cool, relaxing shades of blue and grey and artwork of regional foliage create a soothing ambiance that encourages moms to relax and enjoy their special event,” said North Central Baptist COO Rachel Montgomery


“It’s so nice to see the aesthetics of the maternity unit now match the quality of the hospital,” said Kristin Shah, M.D., board certified OB/GYN with Women Partners, one of three large Stone Oak physician groups that refer patients to the Nest. Dr. Shah not only delivers her patients’ babies at the Nest at North Central Baptist, she had her own children there. “Both as a physician and a mom, it’s the only hospital I want to deliver in,” she said. “The team approach between physicians and nurses is incredibly collegial.”


“Our goal was to provide the very best environment for the very best outcomes, so no detail was overlooked in the redo. We introduced better engineering down to improved air exchanges, LED lighting, and new door operators for ease of use. All new flooring, equipment and corridor upgrades, highlighted by a brand new central nurses’ station provide better communication, visibility and comfort for our patients,” Rachel said. All the rooms, whether labor and delivery, C-section or postpartum, are sizable and private, outfitted with luxury linens and comfortable furnishings on which a support person and mom can rest. The boutique experience includes a post-delivery, “Stork Meal,” complimentary in-room dinner for the new mom and dad, massage for mom, and free, designated expectant mom parking spots. The Nest offers the option for photography and video to discretely capture the intimate moments and/or take pictures of the newborn.


The Nest is the go-to medical destination for all things related to moms and babies – whether maternal, neonatal, antepartum, or postpartum care. Everything a woman could possibly need to make her delivery experience safe and comfortable is located under one roof, including Baptist Health System’s pediatric specialty physicians and the highest level of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – a 72-bed Level IV NICU. Two board-certified OB/GYNs are on premises 24/7, and not one, but three, operating rooms are dedicated to Cesarean sections. Two new operating rooms slated to open in December will finalize this project and provide a boutique space for minimally invasive gynecological surgery specific to women’s health.

“The Nest is a great location for delivering babies,” said Bill Waechter, North Central Baptist’s CEO, who noted Stone Oak is experiencing a surge in babies being born — 504 at the Nest this August alone! “Baptist Children’s Hospital, celebrating its 25th year, shares the campus, and we have all the specialists here for delivery and after. We’re the friendly neighborhood hospital that also provides the highest standard of care.”


Maternal and fetal specialist Melinda McFarland, M.D., is the Nest’s Medical Director and oversees high-risk deliveries. She spearheads a proactive treatment plan to stave off problems if a patient’s health is identified as being concerning, perhaps evidencing gestational diabetes or heart disease. Dr. McFarland involves specialty physicians to intervene early and make sure everyone is prepared for a potentially difficult delivery. “Even if you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, issues can develop during labor or at the time of delivery for mother or baby,” she said. “If something comes up, you are in the right place at North Central Baptist.” In addition to OB/GYN, Dr. McFarland is also board certified in Clinical Genetics, training that helps her counsel pregnant women with potential genetic risk conditions.


“All the resources for someone with a high-risk pregnancy or delivery are here. We hope you don’t need them, but we’re leaning forward, ready to go, if you do,” Bill added. 


Great Expectations labor and delivery patient navigators are unique to the Nest. These trained professionals are available to answer any questions and ensure the entire pregnancy and delivery experience runs smoothly. Nurse navigator Kris Baxter, R.N., B.S.N., partners with Dr. McFarland and her colleagues to ensure a high-risk delivery progresses safely.  Kris also can refer an expectant mom to an OB/GYN doctor or pediatrician, set up daddy day camps, breastfeeding class, handle situations like adoption or surrogacy, or provide extra support for those needing help with the registration system.


Another benefit to patients, the Nest offers a dedicated emergency room just for pregnant women. Women 20+ weeks experiencing pain or who have some other problem such as being involved in a minor traffic accident can skip an ER wait and head right to OB Triage where an OB/GYN hospitalist physician and trained OB nurses are on call 24/7.


“While the OB is the primary doctor for the pregnant mom, OB Triage is the first place a pregnant woman with almost any problem will come,” Dr. McFarland said. “She’ll have access to all the services at the hospital and can receive lab and imaging results promptly.”


If you are pregnant or considering adding a new family member, find out more about the Nest’s amenities, care and services located right in your neighborhood. Visit to set an appointment with a navigator or take a tour.

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