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Friendships and Fun

Reagan Drill Team Colonel Enjoys the Year

By Amy Morgan


School days are full for Ronald Reagan High School senior Alyssa Cameron, and that’s the way this active student likes them. She thrives as the Colonel of one of the largest Junior Varsity Silver Stars Drill Teams Reagan has ever fielded. The close to 60 girls are in the midst of their competition season, which in 2022 includes trips to Orlando as well as across Texas almost every weekend until spring break. The girls are thrilled to be able to travel again to earn the high honors for which Reagan’s spirit teams have been known. 


“A lot of people were excited to join this year,” Alyssa said. “It’s an awesome opportunity to have a big team of friends that feel like family.” 


The Silver Stars debut a new hip hop dance as well as a Game Day routine that traditionally includes both the Reagan fight song and Deep in the Heart of Texas to remind other competitors of the Rattlers’ roots. 


“We’ve been working so hard on it,” she said. “I’m excited to experience the demand and rush of doing five routines in a day.” The competition always notches up just a little when the Reagan girls meet their friendly rivals from Johnson or Churchill, Alyssa noted. 


As Colonel, Alyssa is second in charge to guide the team in all their activities. While she choreographs routines and leads practice, she is most concerned about bonding with her teammates and the girls’ emotional wellbeing. She mentioned times when a fellow dancer felt unsure. She noticed the unease and “told them the opposite of what you’d expect. Dance isn’t everything. There’s so much to them than what they can produce and perform. It’s about who they are. Their effort is important.” 


She remembers when dancing was new to her. A soccer player, Alyssa joined pep squad freshman year for the friendships and fun. She grew from not knowing how to do a pirouette or a Calypso to now landing triples. “I am a competitive person. I like to grow at something,” she said. “I really pushed myself in ballet and jazz classes.”  


Alyssa plans to major in psychology and attend Texas A&M in the fall. Her favorite high school memories include kicking off the Reagan spirit season at Rattler Roundup and cheering and performing at Reagan football games. 


“I loved sharing those moments alongside my friends. We’d laugh, cry, perform, have fun and dance in the stands. I’m kind of a football fanatic now,” she said. 


Alyssa also helped set up Christmas decorations at Independence Hill Retirement Community as a National Honor Society service project where surprisingly, the students met a resident parrot! Alyssa and her family are active at Community Bible Church, and she credits her Christian faith as her foundation.