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Personalized and Professional

Direct Care Primary Medical Practice Helps People Take Charge of their Health

By Amy Morgan

How satisfied are you with the length of time you spend at your doctor’s office? Could you say your doctor knows you personally? Ever waited weeks or months for an appointment?


These questions highlight concerns about the way primary care medicine typically is practiced. Even some physicians have grown frustrated that the current system prevents them from providing high quality patient care.


Two such family practice doctors, husband and wife team Drs. Prisiliano and Monica Salas, determined to create a different kind of medical practice – one where they could break free from insurance company control and offer their patients personalized, holistic medical care. Dr. Prisiliano opened Salveo Direct Care, located at the corner of Huebner and NW Military, in 2018, and Dr. Monica joined him two years ago. Owning their own practice allows them to offer a “very high level of patient care that is timely and easily accessible,” said Dr. Monica. “We were both in traditional practices and did the absolute best we could, but the way the medical system is currently structured, most doctors can’t practice the way they intended. Patients aren’t getting the care they need or deserve. It was frustrating and upsetting.”


The couple categorize their practice as Direct Primary Care. Their patients pay an up-front monthly membership fee that doesn’t just guarantee access to the doctors, like in a concierge plan, the cost covers all primary care needs. Because Salveo Direct Care does not contract with insurance companies, patients pay no deductibles or co-pays. The doctors limit their panel of patients, so everyone receives personal, one-on-one service and quality time with their personal physician. Trained medical professionals answer phone calls, text and emails and often can schedule an office visit or video chat directly with Dr. Salas the same day. 


Patients have plenty of time to discuss concerns with their doctor who’ll offer treatment plans that combine the latest medical technology with other holistic modalities. “We’re more of a partner in their wellness journey rather than someone who will see them once a year, talk to them for two minutes, and give them a prescription. We take time to have real conversations so we can give our patients guidance,” Dr. Monica said.


The couple met while obtaining their medical degrees from UT Medical Branch in Galveston. They are board certified in both Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine, the latter promoting healthy lifestyle choices to prevent, manage and even reverse chronic disease while promoting healthy longevity.

The six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine focus on regular exercise and movement, healthy nutrition, restful and adequate sleep, stress reduction and management, an environment of positivity in healthy relationships, and avoidance of harmful substances. The Salveo Direct Care team knows their patients’ wellbeing goes deeper than lab results and integrates both physical and mental health therapies. Their office includes a tranquility suite complete with anti-gravity massage chair, Alpha-stim electrotherapy and access to an in-house mental health counselor and personal trainer. “So much of person’s health starts with mindset,” Dr. Monica said.


The doctors are committed to helping their patients achieve better quality of life, not just longevity, as they put healthier choices into practice. Their patients report better sleep, stress reduction, and improved health management.


The monthly membership fee starting at $100 per person covers all primary care visits. Primary care includes annual wellness exams, sports physicals, school physicals, chronic care office visits, follow-up visits, telehealth, basic office procedures and treatment of acute illness or minor injuries. Wouldn’t you love to have this kind of access to your physician with minimal wait and convenient scheduling?


Salveo Direct Care’s patients take advantage of wholesale pricing for labs and radiology studies and deeply discounted prescription prices. Each membership includes a full annual lifestyle review that includes stress analysis, quality of sleep, and 3D body scan and body composition analysis, so the doctors can tailor a plan of evidence-based recommendations to each individual patient.


“We want to make it clear that what we are doing is different. We offer a very high level of care that anybody can benefit from – from babies to seniors. We can help you stay healthy. It’s important to have a doctor who actually knows you who can advocate for you when something comes up. Your health is the most important thing you have,” Dr. Monica said. 


Salveo Direct Care also partners with businesses to customize an employer-subsidized membership plan. Trained staff members coordinate how to augment the membership experience with a low-cost catastrophic policy to cover unexpected high-ticket medical emergencies. Businesses and their employees both benefit from membership’s convenience and accessibility. People can be seen and have their health problems addressed quickly, reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, and adding to employee satisfaction.


Their mission statement says it all: “We are passionate about your wellness journey. We take time to understand you and support you when you need us. Together we will change the story of your health. We are your personal physicians for life.” Visit their website at or call 210-899-2549 to get started.

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