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Passionate Partners

Husband and Wife Team Build Elevate Real Estate Agency

By Amy Morgan

Truth and Candice Clark partner in marriage and business as they work together to build the award-winning Elevate Realty Team. Since Candice earned her real estate license in 2017, she’s sold more than 100 properties totaling $30 million in volume. The team with which she started was recognized as one of San Antonio’s Platinum Top 50 Teams, then she began winning individual awards in 2019. In 2020 Candice became Premiere Realty Group’s number one individual producer, and in 2021 her volume topped $10 million.


While awards tell part of Elevate Realty’s story, the numbers are only concrete evidence of the heart behind the team. The Clarks’ goal is to elevate others’ lives through real estate, Candice said. Truth left a highly decorated military career as a U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant, ranking among the top ten percent of Military Training Instructors, to develop their agency.

Candice and the couple’s two daughters, Zhyli and Kailah, had weathered his three deployments to Afghanistan, Kuwait and Turkey before the family’s move to San Antonio. Another pending transfer prompted Truth to separate from the military and join Candice at Elevate Realty to run operations and marketing, which includes maintaining all the computer software and infrastructure. As Candice puts it, “Truth moved the business into the twenty-first century… I feel very blessed that he gave up his Air Force career to support my dream.”


Candice excels at developing relationships that create the word-of-mouth referrals that build clientele. “Candice spends so much time really getting to know her clients. She establishes connections and is able to communicate on a personal level,” Truth said. “Our priority is not closing the deal, but what is best for our clients.” While Candice’s fortes are customer relations, listing and selling houses, Elevate Realty also includes a Buyer Specialist, Jomae DeGuzman Peavie, who handles research and showings to find a buyer their dream home.


Another secret to their success, Elevate Realty’s affiliation with their Transaction Coordinator/Interior Designer Michelle Uhrig. Michelle ensures Elevate Realty’s contractual obligations are satisfied. “There may be 100 different steps between contract and closing,” Candice said. “Michelle makes sure the appraisals, inspections, paperwork going back and forth are all accurate, timelines are being followed appropriately, and everything is perfect, so we have no issues.” As a licensed interior designer, Michelle stages sellers’ houses, whether virtually or with physical items. Truth, Michelle, Candice and Jomae all focus on their area of expertise, synergy that makes the team stronger.


Truth has learned how to position a client’s property to receive the best offer. “We want to make sure the client is getting the most money for their home and that they’ll perceive their real estate commission as an investment rather than a cost,” Truth said.


The Clarks reassure potential clients that even though the real estate market is shifting, San Antonio’s future will remain strong. “San Antonio’s market didn’t crash in 2007/08 like the rest of the nation did,” Truth said. “It’s not about when you buy, it’s about when you sell,” Candice added. “Don’t be fearful. Get with the right person who will navigate the market and will get you the best value.”


Find Elevate Realty Team at https://www.facebook.com/sellingSA365/.

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