David’s Doorstep

Bringing You Home, One Step at a Time

By Amy Morgan

Realtor David Avila brings his doorstep to yours. For the past six years, he’s been committed to helping people level up to a better standard of living. In 2017 he left a career in corporate America to offer the community a better service experience and have more autonomy over his own productivity “Real estate gives me the opportunity to drive my own business,” he said. David builds on financial service experience he learned in the banking industry. During the sub-prime lending crisis of the mid-2000s, he evaluated clients’ financial profiles and helped them modify rising ARM loans. Now he’s able to explain to first time buyers how much house they actually can afford.

David's dedication to serving the entire San Antonio community, including those with lesser assets, is in part to the values he shares with his wife, Fabiola, who is a director at the oldest non-profit in town. He has learned that all clients are looking for a better quality of life for themselves and their children. Connecting with them where they are is important.

Being involved in the community allows him to show people opportunities for funding and explain how he can help them achieve their dreams. He also volunteers with non-profit Mi Ciudad es Mi Casa and recently helped several hundred people seeking affordable housing at Haven for Hope. “It’s a passion of mine to help people,” he said. “Sometimes they never knew they would be able to live in a better place.”


He remembers one client living in a distressed property in a backyard – really little more than a shack. A financial check revealed the man qualified for far more than he imagined. David found a three-bedroom, two bath house with a garage that could also house the person’s home mechanic business. “I was able to improve his life and his business,” David said. “He was so appreciative he shared my information with all his friends and family members.”


After carefully evaluating several brokerages, David settled at Xsellence Realty with broker Robert Saenz in December 2020. He’s won the agency’s Realtor of the Month award four times and was named a top producer with $7 million in sales last year. As the eldest agent at Xsellence Realty, David enjoys mentoring others. “It’s a family feel,” he said. “I provide a lot of mental guidance.” Xsellence Realty allowed David to continue to incorporate his @DavidsDoorstep brand.


He and Fabiola recently renovated a 1940s home near Thomas Jefferson High School, gutting the interior but keeping the original Mediterranean design. The location keeps them close to their San Antonio community roots and their parish, Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower.


He encourages potential buyers not to be afraid of rising interest rates but to buy if the timing is right for them. “Your needing a house today is the most important priority,” he said. He noted although the interest seems high in comparison to recent historical lows, a 5% range is not bad on average. “Don’t focus your dreams on what other people have. Do the best with what you have and what you can,” he said. “These are your dreams.”

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