Don’t Fall into Fall

Avoid Household Hazards

By Amy Morgan


It’s recommended we change the batteries in our fire detectors when we turn our clocks back from Daylight Savings Time each year. Don’t “fall back” when performing that or other seasonal tasks that might inspire you to be up on a ladder this autumn. If you must climb one, make sure it doesn’t have any broken rungs and that someone holds it steady and stands ready to help if something does go wrong. Likewise, using a kitchen chair (with their tendency to break) as a stepstool is not wise. 


Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous places in the house. Sinks, showers, tubs - all can create wet surfaces that turn into a slip-and-slide with the wrong step. Tread cautiously and keep floors dry.


Outside, cooler weather may cause pavement to shift. Check your sidewalks and driveways and repair any uneven walkways. Secure hoses or other outdoor equipment that might cause a tripping hazard.


Even our animals can cause a problem, especially for someone less agile. It’s easy to get tangled in Kitty’s tail or knocked over by Fido’s enthusiastic pounce or wag. And don’t forget your horses - a startled horse an easily cause its rider to take a tumble.


Is your accident or troubling symptom worth braving a potentially hours-long wait in a hospital emergency room? There’s a better option. Drive north just 15 minutes on US Highway 281 to Physicians Premier, a free-standing emergency room located west on Highway 46 near the HEB Plus. Physicians Premier offers all the capabilities of a hospital emergency room without the wait or the crowd. 

Physicians Premier can handle any type of traumatic injury or illness, both pediatric and adult. If a slip results in bruising or potential broken bones, the facility includes on-site X-rays, CAT scans, a full laboratory and ultrasound. Broken bones, including ribs, can cause internal bleeding or puncture vital organs, said Medical Director Zack Baum, M.D., and head and back trauma should be evaluated for concussion or spinal cord injury.


Dr. Baum, a Hill Country native who helped open the Physicians Premier Bulverde location in 2017, experienced the efficiency and efficacy of care first-hand when his son broke his arm. Dr. Baum knew “the normal waiting time in an emergency room would be a couple of hours for something like that. We were in Physicians Premier, seeing the doctor, X-rayed, splinted and out the door in under an hour,” he testified.


The physician-owned and operated facility accepts all insurances and commits to work with each patient to make sure charges are billed appropriately with the least amount of out-of-pocket expense. They also offer a discounted self-pay rate and temporary authorization for Medicare and Tri-Care. “We’ve all worked busy hospital ER’s,” said Nurse Manager Aaron De La Paz. “Here we can look out for the interests of the patient and family.”


Physicians Premier allows patients to access the care they need when they need it, saving time, money, alleviating concern and allowing for a healthier patient and community. Find them at

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