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Direct Doctors

Employers Subsidize Primary Care to Promote

Employee Health

By Camp Bow Wow


We all hate to miss work when we are sick. How sure are you that you’ll get an appointment quickly if you need a prescription? Does your doctor’s office respond promptly when you call?


You have the option to choose a different kind of primary care practice, one where you can build a relationship with a physician who has your best interests in mind. Husband-and-wife team Drs. Prisiliano and Monica Salas offer their patients unprecedented access to personalized, holistic medical care. Both are double board certified in Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine, the latter promoting healthy lifestyle choices to prevent, manage and even reverse chronic disease while promoting healthy longevity.


Owning their own practice allows them to offer a “very high level of patient care that is timely and easily accessible — for babies to seniors,” said Dr. Monica. Salveo Direct Care, located at the corner of Huebner and NW Military, opened in 2018.

You don’t need to worry that Salveo Direct Care is not in your insurance plan’s network. Patients pay an up-front monthly membership fee that covers the cost of most primary care needs. Everyone receives one-on-one service and quality time with their personal physician. Trained medical professionals answer phone calls, texts and emails and often can schedule an office visit or video chat directly with Dr. Salas the same day. 

Open enrollment in the fall is the time to evaluate or change insurance. You have the opportunity to break free from your pricy plan that might not be meeting your needs. Many people have found that Salveo Direct Care provides a more thorough and personal option for their health care. Starting at $100-per-person, the fee covers adult primary care visits including annual wellness exams and physicals, chronic care and follow-up visits, telehealth, basic office procedures and treatment of acute illness or minor injuries, with no co-pays or deductibles. 


Local businesses, too, can partner with Salveo Direct Care to provide their employees better care, encourage wellness, reduce absenteeism and potentially, lower cost. Trained staff members will customize an employer-subsidized plan to augment the membership experience with a policy to cover unexpected medical emergencies.


“Employers want employees to be healthy, present, productive and happy,” Dr. Monica said. “Our office helps people get their issues taken care of faster so they can get back to work. Many common health concerns can be taken care of quickly and efficiently through direct messaging and virtual visits, meaning team members don’t waste time sitting in a doctor’s office unnecessarily.”  It’s not just a person’s own health that causes absenteeism. People often miss work to care for a sick child. Salveo Direct Care’s membership can include children, allowing everyone to get back to normal quickly.


Small business owners see the benefit of partnering with Salveo Direct Care. Business Consultant Michal Waechter, MHA, FACHE, has seen how the ease of entry and ability to consolidate appointments has reduced absences and increased satisfaction for her employees. She considers her business relationship with Salveo Direct Care a key component of employee recruitment and retention.


Larger employers notice that as employees make fewer claims and remain healthier, benefits managers are able to renegotiate more favorable rates for the traditional insurance plans they provide as a safety net for catastrophic events. 


The doctors Salas welcome new business partners. They’ll meet in person to answer any questions about their practice, then offer as much support as the business owner desires. They can begin with an on-site visit to provide each employee with a biometric screening, which includes vitals and basic labs, 3-D body scans, b12 injections, wellness initiatives and health talks — right at the workplace. When employees have a health issue, they’ll trust Dr. Salas, with whom they’ve already established a relationship. 


Call the office at 210-899-2549 or email to find out how Salveo Direct Care can be the solution to your primary health care needs or those of your business. They’ll help keep employees healthy and reduce overall risk. 

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