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Gauge Your Gut

Comprehensive Physical Reveals Health Concerns, Paths to Prevention and Optimization

By Salveo Direct Care


Do you know how healthy you are? Worried that “holiday hangover” feeling is due to something more than just overindulging in the wrong foods and beverages? Not sure where to begin? Many busy professionals don’t have time to waste on a lengthy round of doctors’ appointments. 


What if a physician could assess your whole health in one comprehensive visit? Husband-and-wife team Dr. Prisiliano Salas and Dr. Monica Salas are trained in both primary care and lifestyle medicine and created their practice, Salveo Direct Care, to help their patients achieve a better quality of life and longevity. 


At your initial appointment, one of the Drs. Salas will take time to conduct a core physical that includes a thorough assessment of health and wellbeing “What makes this exam different is that it is very robust and prevention driven,” Dr. Prisiliano said. 

Lifestyle Medicine addresses six areas that are important to a person’s holistic health. It is not just a foundation to treat chronic conditions but also to prevent chronic disease, he added. The full annual lifestyle review conducted by Dr. Salas includes a 3D body scan and body composition analysis, so the doctors can tailor a plan of evidence-based recommendations to you individually. 


They’ll ask in depth questions about nutrition — what and when you eat, how much caffeine, water and alcohol you drink. Physical fitness is also addressed. Dr. Salas won’t just vaguely recommend that you exercise – they are interested in when you exercise, how often and what type. Do you know your muscle strength and mobility?  


Blood and urine tests may reveal exposure to toxic environmental chemicals like mercury or highlight previously hidden vitamin or micronutrient deficiencies. The doctors will help you create a whole food, plant-based nutrition plan and recommend supplements tailored to your individual body chemistry that also factor in age and hormone levels. 


They’ll ask about your sleep and help you start a log to determine if you are getting good quality rest or have any abnormal breathing patterns that could affect your concentration, memory and even cardiovascular health. 


Peak mental wellness is extremely important in our busy lives. If you are not in the right state of mind it will hinder your potential, Dr. Prisiliano said. The doctors will ask about your stress and can recommend a therapist or coach to teach coping skills like guided meditation, breathwork or yoga. Mental wellness is one of the most important aspects of a healthy life, he added. And even young people may need a memory assessment to diagnose any cognitive decline. 


Does personal health care sound intriguing? Stay tuned next month for ways you can amp up a Core Physical to a Peak Level experience that provides more in-depth information that anyone who needs to be at their best can use — from a homeschooling mom to an entrepreneur.  


Three Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Health 


Practice 10 movements you want to continue to do as you age — walking, hiking, tying shoes, going up stairs... 


Choose one way to try to eat less (if weight management is indicated) – restrict calories, restrict times of day you eat, eliminate foods.


Track how well you are sleeping – note the number of hours, consistent bedtimes and how you feel upon waking. 

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