Committed Coach

Air Force Doctor Brock Miller Dedicates Time to Teams

By Amy Morgan

Your child wants to play a sport. Although a fun, healthy pastime, most teams depend on parent volunteers. This means YOU!  Some prefer to serve in the background, but not U.S. Air Force gastroenterologist Dr. Brock Miller, who happily stepped up to help coach his first child’s soccer team when his daughter, Amelia, began playing at the Mays YMCA as a six-year-old.


Brock knows the meaning of commitment. He planned his path to the Air Force Academy at age 13 when his older brother enrolled and continues to serve at age 44. Brock remains on active duty at Wilford Hall, where he oversees residents and students. “I love teaching – whether it’s sports to little kids or how to be a doctor to medical students,” he said.


Amelia enjoyed soccer for several years until she chose to focus on competitive swimming. Brock’s wife, Dr. Ursula Balthazar, also a physician with the Stone Oak infertility practice Aspire, actively engages with the team.


The family spends hours giving back to their neighborhood as parent volunteers for the Vineyard Vipers Swim Team with which Amelia and brother, Cade, compete in the summer.  Brock takes his regular place on the microphone as the starter for home meets while Ursula serves on leadership.


Brock co-coached four-year-old Cade’s first soccer team, then took over as head coach a year later when the boys morphed into the Spiders. Cade’s nine now, and the Spiders have played together every available season since. Brock only missed the games during which he was deployed to El Paso in fall 2020. Even then, he took his Spiders gear with him and sent pictures to encourage the team.  “We have such good families,” he said. “Twelve of the 13 kids are original to the team. We take it seriously but keep it fun.”


Brock finds coaching rewarding because it gives him time with his children. “As a parent, you are the most important person to your kids, but you are not always the person who sees them most. My son really likes soccer because he’s doing it with me,” he said.


Cade recently followed his father’s footsteps to take up lacrosse – the sport Brock played at the Air Force Academy and even coached for a year before heading to medical school. Not surprisingly, Brock’s committed to coach Cade’s lacrosse team as well. Cade plays Sunday afternoons at St. Mary’s Hall through the South Texas Youth Lacrosse Association. “I love lacrosse,” Brock said. “It’s great that Cade wants to play both.”


As Brock was researching lacrosse options for Cade, one of his friends asked for Brock’s help coaching a fledgling team at Antonian Prep High School. No surprise, Brock couldn’t turn down the opportunity. He’s pleased to report Antonian is moving toward incorporating lacrosse as an official school sport. However, despite his personal love for lacrosse, Brock never misses coaching the Spiders. All told, he’s on a field almost every day of the week!  Brock’s a good neighbor with the heart of a teacher… inspiring the next generation.

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