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Sex, Drugs and Wellness with Dr. Wendy

By Amy Morgan


Are you frustrated because you just can’t shake the pounds you’ve gained? Are your own “personal summer” moments keeping you up at night and fraying your nerves? Tired of being told your symptoms are all in your head and wish you could just get back to your youthful, healthy self?


Help is here. Wendy Askew, M.D., board certified medical physician, joined the Dr. Rogers Centers on June 1, to treat patients struggling with a wide variety of physical concerns — everything from medically supervised weight loss to hormone therapy to prescriptions for medical marijuana for appropriate conditions. Dr. Askew, Dr. Tamyra Rogers and a team of highly skilled, board-certified doctors and licensed professionals consistently deliver compassionate and comprehensive patient care.

Patients will find an umbrella of medical and specialty services at three locations including the one convenient to Stone Oak at the corner of Redland Road and US Highway 1604. Because the physicians are board certified medical doctors, they can seamlessly blend taking care of a patient’s primary care as well as specialty needs. Additional services include preventive and regenerative care, advanced doctor-supervised hair loss treatments, and sexual revitalization. The office is connected to a luxury anti-aging medspa offering today's most advanced procedures and premier product lines that include Obagi®, SkinMedica,® as well as Dr. Rogers Centers' Signature line.


Dr. Askew received her medical degree from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. She completed board certification in obstetrics and gynecology at Wilford Hall Medical Center and served 11 years in the U.S. Air Force. She’s also board certified in Functional and Regenerative Medicine by the highly respected A4M. Dr. Askew’s delighted advanced medicines now offer patients struggling with weight new hope. She’s seeing great results with medicines like Ozempic and Wegovy that were formerly used to treat diabetes.

“These drugs are changing the entire landscape of weight loss in America,” Dr. Askew said. “Patients loose 40, 80, even 100 pounds often with no counting calories; and without the blood pressure problems, heart racing or sleep disturbance side effects of traditional appetite suppressants. In my opinion, these are the best drugs to come on the market in 25 years.”

Each of her weight-loss patients undergo non-invasive medical tests to determine muscle mass and calculate metabolic rate. The formula is simple: to lose weight, you must consume 250-300 calories a day less than resting metabolic rate.


“The numbers are your best friend and worst enemy,” Dr. Askew said. The new medicines work by helping the body feel full, so patients are less tempted to overeat. “You can’t outrun your fork,” Dr. Askew said with a smile.


The professionals at Dr. Rogers Centers make these new medicines accessible and affordable to all who might benefit. In addition to lowering risk of diabetes, sleep apnea and heart disease, the psychological impact of measurable weight-loss cannot be quantified.  


“The ability to help someone feel better in their own skin — with improved self-confidence and well-being — that’s what makes me feel good,” Dr. Askew said.


Functional medicine training teaches doctors to look at the root cause of problems. Because she’s a woman who experienced menopause herself, Dr. Askew empathizes with those suffering with symptoms. She listens carefully to her patients’ concerns, takes the necessary lab tests, then customizes a hormone therapy plan. Dr. Askew collaborates with several compounding pharmacies to tailor a complement of treatments — pellets, drops and creams – to alleviate the problems.


“We understand hormone physiology in the body and look at all aspects of the patient to find what works for them,” she said. “Numbers tell part of the story, but symptoms are key. Hormones are life-changing for a lot of people. We will know in just a few weeks. Sometimes the answer doesn’t come in an orange bottle.”


Dr. Askew also treats eligible patients with medical marijuana for conditions for which it is indicated. Patients with PTSD, cancer, epilepsy, chronic neurodegenerative conditions, nerve compression, neuropathy, Tourette syndrome, peripheral nerve pain, dementia, among others, may legally be prescribed medical marijuana in Texas. Dr. Askew meets those with established diagnoses to discuss their symptoms and whether medical marijuana would be a wise option for them. If patients have a qualifying condition, then Dr. Askew can legally prescribe gummies, capsules, or sublingual tincture through the Texas Compassionate Use Program in appropriate doses specifically tailored to the patient’s needs. She’s found medical marijuana to be a “wonderful, safe option that provides great benefit in formulations that don’t necessarily cause impairment.” Another plus, it helps patients reduce or sometimes eliminate the need for powerful, addictive opioids.


Dr. Askew encourages patients to have a positive mindset. “Start where you are, and let us help you be the best version of yourself, at every stage of your life,” she said.

Find her at or call 210-495-2117 to schedule a consultation.

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