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If somebody is having trouble getting money to their grandmother in the Valley, I can call the Frost Bank  there and help make that happen,” she said. 


Finding personal solutions to meet customer needs is what has kept Kate enthusiastic through her 28 years with Frost Bank. She knows she can pick up the phone and call senior management, including members of the Frost family, if there’s something that’s outside her expertise. 


One customer approached her for a small loan to buy a piece of equipment for his newly opened printing business almost 10 years ago. Kate was able to help the couple secure the amount they needed. Since then, Frost Bank has supported them as they’ve expanded. Kate said she finds it so rewarding to see them go from a place of struggle to the thriving business they are today. 


Whether it’s helping secure a small business loan, facilitate a wire transfer or discern whether a PPP fits a business, Kate works one-on-one with her customers to help them move forward. She noted Frost Bank helped businesses secure the PPP lifeblood that sustained many during the 

early days of COVID shutdowns. 


“We were able to ramp up in just five days. We even took applications through the drive through,” she said. “That was an education for everybody!” Kate noted Frost Bank was one of the largest providers of PPP per volume in the country. “Our dedicated team spent a lot of hours doing loans. We found a way to work quickly while also doing the due diligence to make sure each loan was the right thing for that person.” 


Many in Stone Oak are new to the area and are not familiar with the Frost Bank reputation. Kate embraces her role as ambassador. The bank sponsors a free community document shredding event every April. Parking lot taco trucks and chuckwagons treat the public during Fiesta and Rodeo, respectively, and the branches have offered pictures with Santa. The Stone Oak location once even hosted a live petting zoo! 


Kate would “love to have everybody bank with Frost,” she said with a smile. “I always wanted to be a teacher, and I am one ….. just in a different industry,” she said.  Find Kate at Frost Bank’s 281/Evans Road location or call (210) 220-5118.  

Online and In Person

Hometown Bank Combines Smart Technology,

Personal Service

By Amy Morgan


Technology can be a two-edged sword – we like to be able to pay bills and access information online, but sometimes the only way to solve a problem is to reach a person who can help. Locally owned and operated Frost Bank balances the need to be cutting edge and old school at the same time. While they are a leader in technology, live operators answer calls 24/7– even in the middle of the night. 


“We try to set ourselves apart from the ‘press one’s’ of the world,” said Kate Crosby, Frost Bank Vice President of Commercial Lending.  “You will reach a live person when you call. That’s a standard we’ve always had.


Kate offices out of the Frost Bank location at 21011 Highway 281 North in the HEB parking lot – just one of three conveniently located in the Stone Oak area. (Others are at 18769 Stone Oak Parkway across from Cornerstone Church, and a location in the shopping center with the 1604/Blanco Road HEB.) Lobbies are open for customers to make deposits, notarize documents, secure small business, real estate, home equity and home improvement loans. Frost Bank also 

offers treasury management services, allowing customers to wire funds online to their business partners, and foreign currency exchange. Kate can even retrieve needed bills from the downtown repository in 30 minutes if necessary. She also can assist someone wiring funds overseas, 

especially important in a time of global instability. 


“We are able to offer validation and guidance to make sure your funds arrive where you intended,” she said. Kate noted that any money deposited in a Frost Bank account remains safe and insured. “As crazy as things seem to be, whether a disease or world events that are hard to understand, it makes sense to know your funds are safe in your account. You can look online and know they are there, and you can call me if you don’t understand something. We provide real peace of mind about the safety of your money.” 

She noted that the 158-year-old bank is found exclusively in Texas but reaches all over the state. “We’re a community bank that serves Central Texas, West Texas, Houston and Dallas.