Military Mission

Family Service Inspires Reagan Senior

By Amy Morgan


This month ushers in new seasons in the life of Ronald Reagan High School senior Laurien Brown. The eighteen-year-old will enjoy one of her last club volleyball competitions when the team travels to Puerto Rico to face off against top players from around the country. Although she’s looking forward to the experience, thoughts of her future won’t be far from her mind as she waits to learn if she’s been accepted at the United States Naval Academy. 

Success is a good possibility. Laurien secured a Presidential nomination, and the high achieving, well-liked student had no trouble recruiting Reagan teachers to write her recommendations. In fact, her Algebra 1 teacher Ms. Rangel even called Laurien’s mother personally to praise the student’s work and attitude. 

Laurien’s no stranger to military life. She’s traveled to more than 10 countries worldwide, as both of her parents are officers in the United States Air Force. She’s lived overseas and attended five different elementary schools. Her father retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Dr. Brown now teaches Cyber Security at a local university. Her mother, an active-duty Major and PA-C, works as a Physician Associate at Lackland AFB. Laurien hopes to combine interests from both parents and major in biomedical engineering. 


Ironically, despite her world travels, San Antonio remains Laurien’s hometown. She was born at Lackland AFB and spent her first years of life in the Stone Oak home where the family currently resides.  Browns kept their “forever” home so Laurien could return and attend Reagan after spending her middle school years in Germany. 


Laurien played volleyball at Reagan for two years, then stepped back to focus on academics. She’s remained busy completing her community service hours for National Honor Society. She served as the photographer for Bush Middle School’s fun run fundraiser and helped her father set up and judge a robotics competition at St. Anthony high school that promoted STEM learning. One of the notable teams was a trio of sixth graders who were coding in advanced languages, she said. A favorite Reagan memory is attending the homecoming football game with friends. She especially loves the extravagant mums. 


Laurien’s happiness will be complete if the second-degree Tai Kwando, Jujitsu and Karate black belt will be able to resume physical sparring after years of her dojo being closed by the pandemic. She been training in martial arts since she was four years old and has missed teaching the younger ones and being able to work through her Katas in person. 


Hopefully soon, she’ll be trading her volleyball uniform and martial arts Gi for Navy whites. 

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