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Stylish Swimwear

Brazilian Beachwear Seizes Summer 

By Amy Morgan

Summer is here. With San Antonio’s hot weather stretching for months — chances are you’ll attend at least one event hosted around a pool. What to wear? You’ll want to look confident and polished. Retire the oversized T-shirt and old, saggy-bottomed suit to the back of your closet and consider beachwear from the new website Acqua & Coral, found at


Site founder Lorain Dib launched her carefully curated line of swimwear, bodysuits and lingerie in March to fill a void she noticed when searching for beautiful, well-designed items like those found in her native Brazil. “Brazilian beachwear is so beautiful, so colorful, so different,” Lorain enthused. “When I went to the beach here in Texas, I didn’t see what I was looking for. We offer a different cut and style.” 


Spending time at the beach is a way of life in Brazil, with its long coastline and warm weather year round. Women are known for their beauty and consider their swimwear an important wardrobe investment. 

“Rio de Janeiro, one of the most popular cities in the world, is known for its natural beauty, beaches and people,” Lorain said. “The stretches of sand are integral parts of the city's soul and lifestyle. Rio’s beaches are bustling hubs of activity, reflecting Brazil’s vibrant and diverse culture. Each beach has its own personality, attracting different crowds, but you’ll see beautiful girls wearing bikinis on every one.”   


Lorain was inspired by the vibrant colors and chic, cosmopolitan style she noticed on Brazil’s beaches during her visit last fall to start She’s determined to introduce her San Antonio neighbors to what they’ve been missing. 

Lorain carefully handpicked featured items from the wealth of inventory available in her homeland. Each piece was designed and manufactured in that country by artisans who know how to craft the high-quality materials to accentuate a woman’s best assets. The form-fitting cut of Brazilian swimwear has been demystifying stereotypes and standards for years, Lorain added. The fabric retains its shape and color and provides excellent breathability – a must in the hot, humid weather found in both Brazil and San Antonio. 

Tropical Breeze Current Bikini $150.00.jpg

The line at includes both one-piece and two-piece options to appeal to body type and preference. Cover-up clothing can be dressed up or down, taking you quickly from poolside to patio. Comfortable sandals in a variety of bright colors complete the look. 


You won’t see a piece you choose duplicated at your neighborhood pool party. Lorain imported only a limited selection for the initial offering at, so your outfit will remain a unique showstopper.

The company name Acqua & Coral comes from the colors of sunset at the point where the sky meets the sea on the Brazilian coast. Lorain was taken by their brilliancy on the trip that launched her new business. Coral also gives a nod to the sinuous shapes of both the organism and 

her swimwear. 

Planning a resort vacation getaway? Make sure your companion’s eyes are on you by selecting a new suit or lingerie in the adventurous cut popularized in Brazil. If you are wearing a lovely gown for a special event, why not make your garments underneath equally as beautiful? Acqua & Coral’s luxurious, sexy lingerie is perfect for a romantic getaway, honeymoon or anniversary celebration. Each piece is crafted to perfectly accentuate a woman’s shape and make her feel beautiful and confident. 


Lorain also was impressed by a line of bodysuits with unique details like fringe, cut-outs and built in beadwork. High-quality fabrics accentuate the figure and offer a smooth silhouette when paired with pants or a form-fitting skirt. Metallic accents, like those of the swimsuits, are plated with gold. Some include a plunging, deep V neckline, others are backless or cropped to expose a toned midriff. 


Lorain’s seen women wearing these styles with confidence throughout Brazil and wanted to share their secrets with the women of San Antonio.


Be a standout this summer, visit and discover the swimwear and lingerie style you’ve 

been missing. 

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