Pets and Your Baby Class at North Central

Start: 01/13/2008 - 3:00pm
End: 01/13/2008 - 4:00pm

The second Sunday of every month North Central Baptist Hospital will host a new class for expectant parents titled Pets and Your Baby.  Workshop presenter Cathy Rosenthal will offer information on how to prepare your pet for the new arrival, how to introduce your pet to the baby and how the relationship between your pet and child will evolve as they grow up together.  Time will be alloted during and after class to answer pet-specific questions.
Rosenthal has worked in the animal welfare field for 18 years and has taught this workshop since 2003 to more than 2,000 people in San Antonio.  
Class is $5 per person or $10 per family.  Call 297-7005 to register.