Level of quality puts Cleaner’s Housekeeping above rest

Cleaners Housekeeping Cruiser

One thing is for sure: there is no shortage of housekeepers in San Antonio. The Yellow Pages alone lists 75 different companies in the city. And while the prices may differ by a few bucks and the level of service may change a bit here and there, all are promising to clean your home or office. How does a new housekeeping business not only succeed, but stand out from the rest?
“The whole thing is about quality,” says Toni Noto, general manager of Cleaner’s Housekeeping. “We stay as long as it takes to get the job done, we’re very concerned about quality and we stand by our work.”
Along with setting no time constraints, Cleaner’s employees are trained, bonded and undergo a complete background check before they’re hired. The company also stands apart from the competition by being more flexible. If a client wants a specific cleanser used, Cleaner’s will purchase the requested item. If a client wants only two of their three bedrooms cleaned, Cleaner’s will cut the price. On top of that, Cleaner’s housekeepers follow a stringent 64-step process that will ensure no speck of dirt or cloud of dust is left behind. 
The sister company of Steamer’s Carpet Cleaners, the housekeeping business opened just this past April. Still, even in this short time, business is booming. “It’s been going incredibly well,” says Noto. “It’s definitely picking up. The holidays are looking really good.”
For more information on Cleaner’s Housekeeping call 654-7700 or visit www.cleanershousekeeping.com.