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HydroShield of San Antonio

What is HydroShield?


HydroShield is a company that helps homeowners protect their investment in natural stone, Granite, Glass, Porcelain, Tile, and Grout.     We apply protective coatings (sealants) to hard to clean surfaces like Glass, Tile Grout, Stone, Granite, and Porcelain so they are easy to clean.    

  • The HydroShield sealants protect the surface from hard water minerals, soap scum, oils, and other contaminants.    
  • Surfaces sealed by HydroShield are very easy to clean, much like a non-stick pan.  
  • Our non-stick protective coatings reduce maintenance and make your home eco-friendly by eliminating the need to use harsh chemical cleaners
  • Our sealants will never peel, chip, or discolor
  • One application provides long lasting protection
  • Written warranty, backed up by our local San Antonio HydroShield office
  • HydroShield has been in business since 1995, and has sealed over 1 million feet of surfaces all over the country.   
  • All HydroShield products are proudly manufactured in the United States.  
  • Free, no obligation in-home estimate on our services


HydroShield gives you Peace of Mind

  • Protect your investment
  • Surfaces are easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly / no more harsh chemical cleaners needed!
  • Industry leading warranty backed up by a San Antonio dealer
  • One application coverage, applied by our experts


Granite sealing:     Our granite sealant is a hybrid topical and penetrating sealant that chemically bonds with the granite.    It does not change the appearance of your granite, although in most cases, the colors on the granite become more vibrant and ‘pop’.    It will never peel, chip, or discolor.   Your counters/backsplash become much easier to clean, with a clean glossy appearance.   Food safe.    5-year written warranty 


Stone sealing (Marble, Travertine, Slate, Porous granites):   For stone counters, backsplashes, or shower surrounds.  Our stone sealant is a penetrating sealant that protects the stone from stains and hard water.   Food safe.   It doesn’t change the texture or appearance of the stone.   5-year written warranty.    


Glass Sealant:    For shower doors/enclosures, the HydroShield sealant really helps protect that glass from hard water minerals and stains.    The glass surface becomes super easy to clean and keeps its ‘brand new look’.   5-year written warranty


Porcelain Sealant:     For toilets and sinks, this sealant protects the surface from hard water minerals and stains, and becomes easy to clean.  5-year written warranty


Tile sealant:    Whether its tile shower surrounds, counters, or backsplashes, HydroShield sealant for Tile protects the tile from hard water minerals and contaminants, while giving it a glossy surface that is easy to clean.   5-year written warranty.


Grout Color Seal:     Grout is the most porous area in your shower, and the most prone to mold and mildew staining.    Our Grout Color Seal locks in the color of your grout lines, with a written 6-year warranty on existing Grout lines, and a 12-year written warranty on brand new grout lines.     The Grout Color Seal has a mildewcide, that helps protect the grout from mold and mildew.