Stone Oak Allergy

155 E. Sonterra Blvd,
Ste. #101
San Antonio, TX 78258
(210) 494-0920 (fax)
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Stone Oak Allergy office

Dr. Trott-Gregorio

Dr. Amanda Trott-Gregorio treats both adults and pediatric patients. She has recently moved back to the Central Texas area and is excited to begin her new practice with Stone Oak Allergy. At Stone Oak Allergy we are committed to providing quality healthcare to all our patients.


We specialize in treating:

  • Asthma evaluation and treatment
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Insect allergy testing and treatment
  • Sinusitis workup and treatment
  • Food allergy testing and treatment
  • Drug allergy testing and treatment
  • Hay fever diagnosis and treatment
  • Eye allergy diagnosis and treatment
  • Skin allergy diagnosis and treatment
  • Atopic dermatitis treatment
  • Contact dermatitis testing and treatment
  • Latex allergy diagnosis and treatment
  • Cosmetic allergy diagnosis and treatment
  • Immunodeficiency evaluation and treatment
  • Occupational allergic disorders diagnosis and treatment
  • Urticaria (hives) evaluation and treatment
  • Scratch/prick and intradermal testing for allergy diagnosis
  • Patch tests for allergy diagnosis Laboratory tests for allergy diagnosis Immunotherapy (allergy shots)