Mike Morales explains importance of using insurance agent

Mike Morales

The growth of the internet in the insurance industry has changed the relationship between agent and client. Mike Morales of The Morales Agency said there is a lot that can go unnoticed by customers obtaining quotes and signing up for plans online. “It would be like diagnosing your own illness on the internet instead of going to a doctor,” he said.
The benefits of going through an agent out-weigh the seemingly fast and easy method of signing up online. Someone shopping for the minimum amount of automobile coverage online, for example, may not realize they can receive a lot more coverage for just a few more dollars per month.

 “An agent can actually walk you through what you really need and still give you a fair price,” Morales said. “We’re not here to try and sell you more than you need, we’re here to provide you with some counseling, some advice for a short period of time.”

Customers should always make sure their agent offers life insurance. Of all the services offered, Morales said life insurance is the most important. “It is the greatest gift one can give to their survivors and should be considered as part of a well-rounded insurance proposal,” he said.

Not only does Morales own and operate a Premiere Service Agency of Allstate, a designation earned through customer satisfaction, he has a wide range of business experience that allows him to act as a credible advisor. One that puts the customer’s needs first.

“My goal is to make sure that we’ve covered all of the risks that they might have and offered them ways to mitigate those risks,” he said. “When they walk out, I want them to feel comfortable that they don’t have to worry about anything and they’ve been treated fairly.”

Over the last 30 years, the agency has established relationships with many long standing customers and continues to bring in new ones. Morales is a resident of Stone Oak and an active community member of Stone Oak Info.com. He works with customers all over San Antonio, although his office is located on Grissom Road in the Northwest side of town.

Morales said the best time to shop for insurance is when you’re thinking about it instead of waiting until something major happens. The first step is to pick up the phone and call.
The best way to reach The Morales Agency is at (210) 521-7930, to set up an appointment or speak to someone about helping with your insurance needs. You can also visit their website at www.allstateagencies.com/MMORALES

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