New Genetic Test for Macular Degeneration available at Vision Source

Dr. Monica Allison, OD, FOAA

Stone Oak Vision Source is announcing new technology that they are implementing to allow better care for your eyes.  There is a new genetic test, Macula Risk, now available for predicting the likelihood of a patient with macular changes developing macular degeneration. Stone Oak Vision Source is offering this to patients who meet the criteria.  Almost all insurances fully cover the test without a co-pay and it provides valuable information for preventative eye care.  If any signs of early macular degeneration are found during your eye exam, a simple cheek swab can help determine if an individual is genetically predisposed to an aggressive form of macular degeneration, called wet ARMD, that can be sight threatening versus a milder, dry, form.  Before, all patients just had to "wait and see" if their eyes were going to get progressively worse and there was no way to determine who should be followed more frequently.  We are happy to offer this service to our patients as it allows us to provide better care and peace of mind for those who have early signs of this disease.

AMD, or Age-related Macular Degeneration, is predominantly an inherited disease.  Macula Risk is a prognostic DNA test that identifies individuals who have inherited any of the disease-causing genes. These individuals are at increased risk of vision loss as they age.

Macula risk is a laboratory developed test (LDT) to assess the risk of AMD progression from early or intermediate AMD to advanced AMD, a common eye disorder of the elderly that can lead to blindness.
Macula Risk identifies individuals (1 in every 5 patients) that are at highest risk of vision loss due to AMD. Identifying these patients early allows the eye-care professional to implement a disease management strategy focused on sight preservation.
Increased risk (Macula Risk® Level 3, 4 and 5) patients may benefit from:

  • Increased frequency of eye examinations
  • Disease education and possibly ‘at-home’ Amsler Grid or Home PHP Testing
  • Preventative eye vitamin therapy and possibly nutritional supplements
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of wet AMD with effective therapies

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