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Dean Bentle

What is Legal Shield?

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Business Description:

Independent Business Consultant, Dean Bentle, works with small business owners to help them protect and grow their businesses.
We are committed to empowering our valued small business clients with solutions that protect and grow their businesses.

We have helped to “level the playing field” for thousands of small businesses by providing them access to the same quality of legal and consultative advice and expertise typically available only to large corporations at a fraction of the cost.
We also offer cutting-edge employee legal plans designed to help employees keep their minds off their personal problems and on their jobs. All legal events are covered, from the trivial to the traumatic.

The plans are administered by 30+ year-old companies. Over 50,000 North American companies of all sizes have added these unique plans to their employee benefits package. We work with each of our clients in customizing the plans to fit their specific needs regarding the employee offering.
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We offer peace of mind to individuals and business owners. Our affordable suite of legal plans, identity theft restoration and business consultant/coach support is unique in the business world today.


Primary Benefits:

  •   All legal matters from the trivial to the traumatic are covered for the individual and the business.
  •   A licensed investigator will fully restore a person’s identity when identity theft is discovered. This includes all types of identity theft i.e. financial, driver’s license, social security,  medical, character/criminal.
  •   24 hour access to the provider law firm if you are arrested, detained or served with a warrant.
  •   Any business question will be researched and answered for a member business owner in 1 to 2 days.