Doing business with Mexican Business people coming to Texas

Matt Scherer

If you want to reach out to the growing influx of  Mexican business executives coming to Texas, the approach used for your American customers is not going to work.

That was the message given last night at the Stone Oak Info monthly meeting and mixer, held at the Alamo Draft House.

As the program chair for “The Doing Business with the Mexican Business Executive,” it was interesting to hear the perspectives of my panel, attorney Ivan Ramirez,  Irene Keegan, a public relations consultant, Ralph Rodriguez, a business development manager for Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union and Bebe Martinez, Compass Bank.

For those who missed it, here are three concepts that could help any business doing business with Mexican nationals.

#1)  Hispanic husbands make all the decisions in any business transaction.  While in the U.S. and especially Texas, women make visible input into any transaction, in Mexico, the man in the “familia” makes the decision.   Furthermore, if an American business or friend recommends a service such as a plumber or air condition repair professional, that person should go to the house with that vendor, especially if the husband is out of town on business.

#2)  It’s best to speak Spanish when possible, but it’s not a deal killer.  However, it’s best to send written marketing material or business contracts to our new arrivals in their native language.   When doing so, it has to be as perfect as an English counterpart.

#3) Meetings, even informal ones, take time.  In a typical mixer, it’s normal with most business executives to trade a business card in 30 seconds or less with the promise to call.  A Mexican business professional will take at least 20 to 30 minutes during an exchange to give another person a full background on their family and their business.

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