The three basic elements of your LinkedIn profile

Matt Scherer

If you are like a lot of people, you probably have a LinkedIn profile without a lot of information on it.

For many, this social media portal is really under utilized.  Most are missing a summary of their expertise,  a good photo and some detail of their previous experiences.

If this describes your LinkedIn profile, may I suggest the following thought processes to update it.

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1)  Write down at least three things you wish potential clients or your co-workers  knew about you.   This is an exercise that should take some time, and it works best with a pencil and a tablet.  I find that removing outside distractions and working with some trusted co-workers or friends will bring out the best aspects of your background so that you can update the summary in your profile.

2)  A picture is worth a thousand words.  If you can afford it, I would get a professional photograph in appropriate business attire.  If not, ask someone who has a good camera to shoot the photo against a neutral background.  And, if the current picture is one from your youthful days, it’s important to update it as people may get confused who you are when you meet them.

3)  You learned something at every job relevant to your current or a future position.  Use LinkedIn as a way to document that growth.  This tip is truly important for those who are just entering the work force.   You may not have liked that job as a fry cook at that local fast food franchise, but there were some things learned that will be important to a future employer.   For those not sure on what to put down in the early part of a career, that uncle or aunt who is a successful business executive, can often provide excellent advice on what to put into the “experience”  section of your LinkedIn profile.

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