Council Woman Chan adds facebook fan page

Matt Scherer

II am excited to work with Council Woman Elisa Chan to set up her first Facebook Fan Page.  As a social media advocate, I believe that everyone in her district can learn more about key issues.

I have to tell you…. Council Woman Chan is the type of person who truly gets the details of social media, and she wants to use Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate her thoughts to her more than 140,000 constituents.

Working with her staff and, we set up “Stone Oak Traffic,” a Facebook portal.  Through her effort along with Kent Kirkman, the owner of this web site, we were able to start the process for communicating traffic conditions and issues.

Today, I drove out of Stone Oak at 8 a.m., and I was truly amazed at how much time I saved driving to an appointment in your typical south Texas  winter weather.  What had been a 25-minute drive was only a normal 10 minutes.  Council Woman Chan and her staff have truly worked the issues to make the morning commute better.  Of course, I checked “Stone Oak Traffic” to check for any major traffic delays.

So, if you want to follow the council woman, please go to 

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