Reagan choirs sweep UIL competition

Reagan Choir

The Reagan High School choirs walked away with numerous honors at the UIL Concert and Sight Reading contest earlier this month.  Achieving their goal of excellence, the choristers even earned sweepstake wins to the absolute delight of the high school’s Fine Arts Department and choir directors Jo Scurlock-Dillard and Mary Cowart.


Each Reagan choir, including the Bel Canto, Treble, Kantorei, Kantorei Women and Men's Choir, performed three prepared songs for a trio of judges. The selections were chosen from a UIL-sanctioned list and involved both accompaniment and cappella music. UIL issues a new sight reading piece each year and students are critiqued on their tone, technique and musicianship.


Choristers were then allowed just six minutes to study an unfamiliar piece of music.  Following the brief rehearsal, each choir was allowed to sing the piece before the judges two times. Each judge rates the choir’s performance on a scale of one to five, with one being the highest or First Division rating. 


Every Reagan choir that competed at the UIL concert received First Division ratings, as well as a Sweepstakes award. 


"It's exciting to see the results of our hard work," said one choir member. "I am really proud of how we have prepared and worked hard to continue the Reagan tradition of excellence."


Article courtesy of Christina Albert.