"I miss the fork, mommy"


Whether I agreed with the final decision or not, I thought I at least understood the POA’s reasoning in forcing a local restaurateur to build a wall around a controversial sculpture installed on his property.  I understood, that is, until I tried to explain the situation to my 5-year-old.


When we pulled into the restaurant parking lot over the weekend, my daughter immediately asked where the large fork sculpture disappeared to. I told her it was now behind a wall.  Being 5, she immediately asked, “Why?” 


Well, I tried to explain, some people didn’t like the fork and don’t want it to be seen from the road.




The people in charge of the neighborhood said it was advertising the restaurants and that’s not allowed.




There are certain rules people must follow when they live or work here.




I guess, to make sure everything stays pretty.


“But, the fork was pretty.”


Yes, the fork was pretty.


“So, why does it have to go behind the wall?”


Well, a group of people didn’t think it was pretty.


“But, it was pretty.”


Yes, but the group of people in charge of this neighborhood did not think so.




Because it was shaped like a fork and you eat with a fork at restaurants.


“That fork is too big! You can’t eat with that.”


This is true.


“Sometimes I eat with my hands.”


Yes, sometimes you eat with your hands.


“Sometimes I eat with a spoon.”


Yes, that’s true too.


“Can they put a spoon next to the fork?”


Probably not.




Because some people don’t think the fork or a spoon is artwork.


“When we get home can I draw a fork?”


Yes, you can draw a fork.


“Will I get in trouble?”


No, you won’t get in trouble.


“Why is that fork in trouble?”


Because a group of people think it’s a sign.


“What’s a sign?”


Something that tells you the name of a store or restaurant.


“What’s the name of the restaurant.”


Ciel and something I can't pronounce.


“Is that painted on the fork?”


It’s not.


"Then where’s the sign?”


They say the fork as a whole is a sign.




Sigh.  Because.


“But I like the fork,” she concluded, knowing mommy was running out of answers and patience.  Then, in her saddest and most heart-breaking voice, she added, “I miss the fork.”