Lopez MS expands e-learning courseware

Student at Lopez Middle School

Lopez Middle School approaches the New Year by continuing to advance and integrate technology into its academic and extra-curricular programs.  Like other NEISD schools, Lopez uses its Teacher Web for online quizzes and as a communication tool. To further enhance the use of technology Lopez will also add Fuse Talk, an online forum system, and the electronic courseware Moodle to provide students with a true e-learning experience.
"Online learning has been around for several years but is finally trickling down into secondary education," says James Lewey, technology applications teacher.
Students in Technology Applications classes, Journalism and the before-school Creative Writing Club use Moodle as a communication forum so students can stay productive outside of school. 
"Moodle has really given us a great opportunity to share our writings with other club members," says eight-grader Haley.  While Jeremy, a seventh-grader in Internet Exploration, says, "Online learning has helped me stay more organized and it's easier. I can access it from home when I'm absent."
HACKERS-Game Programmers, another before-school club, is currently using Scratch, a program produced at MIT, to write game programming script, including literacy computer games for kindergartners. 
"Our game helps kids learn their vowels," said eighth-grader Ben who, along with a classmate, developed a game where a baby flies across the sky and gains points by touching carpets with vowels. 
In 2009 Lopez plans on advancing their use of Podcasting, or digital, online media which students can download to either an MP3 device or their computer.
Article courtesy of www.neisd.net.