Elementary school stands up to bullying Nov. 21

The Peace Pals at Encino Park Elementary are spreading the word to their fellow students about Stand Up to Bullying Day Nov. 21. This is an international event when students will wear pink as the Spirit Color. 
The Peace Pals in fourth- and fifth-grades are encouraging everyone to stand up against bullying and bullying behaviors and support the International Stand Up Day by wearing pink and recognizing bullying behaviors. The message is "Friends don't let friends get bullied." Each student is encouraged to wear some form of pink, including a ribbon, shirt or sticker. The students are also participating in Mix it Up Day on Nov. 13 and will play with different friends on the playground and sit with different groups of friends in the cafeteria. 
Stand Up to Bullying Day was started by two boys, Travis and D.J., who live in Nova Scotia. They saw a freshman boy at their school being bullied because he was wearing a pink shirt to school. The boys knew it was not right so they stopped the bullying by buying pink shirts and passed them out to all the children in their school. The children wore them to show no one has the right to pick on someone for what they are wearing, what they believe in or what makes them different. They also learned that it is never all right to hurt another person with words or actions.
The Encino Park Peace Pals are a group of students who work to bring peace to the campus. These students are trained in peer mediation and have used the skills in and out of school to help students find peaceful ways to resolve problems on campus. The students meet at lunch time once a month and have increased from 25 to 50 students. 
Article courtesy of www.neisd.net.