Lopez Middle School installs security cameras

Lopez Middle School

Lopez Middle School is the latest NEISD campus to install security cameras. The “eyes in the sky,” approved through a 2007 bond issue, are being installed in phases at all elementary and middle schools within the North East school district at a total cost of more than $3.6 million. 
“The cameras are commonly used by administrators in dealing with discipline issues,” says Deb Caldwell, NEISD director of community relations. The school district does not release the exact number of cameras placed on each campus, but the equipment is clearly visible and located in common areas, including hallways.
Security cameras have already been installed at all NEISD high schools and funded through a 2003 bond program.    
Last month NEISD placed an order with MDI, Inc., a San Antonio-based security systems manufacturer, for digital video-surveillance equipment for eight elementary schools.  According to MDI, the requested cameras are part of the district’s push for video surveillance at every campus.    
Approved by 63 percent of voters in May of 2007, the $498 million bond package included $52 million for technology upgrades at NEISD campuses.  On top of new computers, laptops, projectors, phone systems and spyware, the approved bond allotted $3,670,000 for the installation of security cameras at all NEISD elementary and middle schools.  Funds will also go towards the installation of additional cameras at high school campuses, along with networking upgrades and software. 
Other items funded through the approved 2007 bond program include the construction of four elementary schools and a new football stadium, the installation of air conditioning within all elementary, middle and high school gymnasiums, building maintenance and renovations to various campuses and the purchase of 130 new school buses over a three-year period.