West Side Story an Unbelievable Hit!

Opening night at the theater,  the butterflies are swirling,  your nerves are a wreck and that's just the audience.  I was very anxious to see one of my favorite musicals come to the Reagan High School Stage.  Last night was fantastic. West Side Story was truly better than I could  have imaged.   The voice and performance  of Maria, played by Reagan Junior, Stephanie Farugia, was spectacular.  Tony ,the leader of the Jets, played by Michael Cusimano was engaging and believable.  This lead couple appeared to be as comfortable  on stage as if they had been performing together for years, not just a few weeks.
However, my standing ovation goes out to the wonderful theater and choral directors who selected this cast.  Every part fit perfectly.  I especially enjoyed Austin Johnson's portrayal of A-Rab who was animated, and energetic and captivated you everytime he was on stage.   Congratulations, Ms. Robinson and Ms. Scurlock-Dillard for a wonderful production.  Performances continue all weekend long.  If you don't have your tickets yet, hurry, because this is a show you do not want to miss.
If you saw the musical, please add your comments below.

Kent Kirkman- Stone Oak Info.com

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