Pawderosa Ranch going to the dogs

Live at the Pawderosa Ranch

The daycare has everything a parent looks for: attentive staff, cleanliness, Web cams, bus service, large open play areas, a wide variety of toys and a flexible enrollment schedule. However, the facility is clearly going to the dogs…quite literally. You see, Pawderosa Ranch serves our four-legged family members.
Although popping up all over the United States, doggie daycares had yet to catch on in the San Antonio area. “People were really hungry for something like this,” says Pawderosa Ranch co-owner Kimberly Smith, noting that many of her clients are transplants from Colorado and California where doggie daycares can be found on nearly every corner. “I thought the dogs in San Antonio deserve to have this too.’”
So in July of 2006, Smith and co-owner Mike Mitchell opened the ranch, located just north of the San Antonio Airport, and have enjoyed a booming business ever since. “We’re really impressed. We didn’t expect to have the number of clients we do,” Smith says. “It really did take off running.”
Pawderosa’s popularity may also be due to the owners’ dedication to providing every service dogs (and their owners) may need. Along with the daily daycare, which is available seven days a week, the ranch offers grooming, training and boarding.  For clients who can’t make the trip out to the ranch, Pawderosa’s Waggin’ Wheels taxi service will pick up their dogs in the morning and drop them off at the end of the day. People heading out of town are also welcome to board their pup and vehicle at the ranch and receive transportation to and from the airport through Pawderosa’s Bark-n-Ride option. 
Of course, it’s the daycare that truly makes tails wag. With 20,000-square-feet of off-leash indoor and outdoor play space, the ranch offers a wonderful option for those not wanting to leave the family pet home alone all day long. “They have a blast,” says Smith, while adding that the dogs enjoy the chance to socialize and actually form friendships and clicks. “You’ll have the group of jocks who are running around playing, then there’s the more introverted group who just walk around checking out the place, then there will be the loner dog who sits by himself all day,” says Smith. “It’s just like high school.”
The ranch accepts all breeds, but not all dogs. New dogs must undergo an evaluation process before enrolling in the daycare, have an updated shot record, be fixed and be on some form of flea preventative medication. A staff member is always watching the dogs to ensure they are playing nicely and receiving constant supervision and attention. 
“I wanted to do something fun and something I enjoy,” Smith says of opening this business. Clearly, she has succeeded on both parts. “It’s dogs. We get to play with dogs. It’s a blast.”
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